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Here are some quick links to apply for and get insurance instantly online:*

1) To get medical insurance coverage starting as soon as today, click here

2) Are you between jobs or have a dependant just out of school with no health insurance? To get short term medical insurance instantly online, click here

3) Are you planning to travel outside the US? If so, in most cases, you will have no medical coverage. To get short term coverage for your stay, including emergency air transport back to the US, click here

If you are budget conscious, or you have medical conditions, or time is not a consideration, you may wish to use the links at left to request a quote. After you submit a quote request to us, we will shop multiple companies to find the best deal for you. If you need to disclose medical information to determine accurate rates, please, download our Privacy Policy.

Finally, below are links to get estimated rates on term life, annuities, and disability insurance, and a second link to get estimated rates for individual and family dental insurance. You can use these links to get an idea of current rates in these areas; and, within those pages are calculators, which will allow you to get an idea of the amount of insurance you need. Actual premium rates will probably be lower, subject to medical conditions; however, this would be a good starting point. Also, depending upon your annuity request, we would generally find you better rates of return; however, again, this is a good starting point for your analysis.

Get Estimated Rates for:

Life insurance, disability insurance, and annuities.

Get Estimated Rates for:

Individual and Family Dental Insurance.

* Subject to medical conditions.