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Have you lost your medical insurance, or is medical insurance just too expensive for you right now? Here are some other options to give you temporary protection...

Of course, there is no real substitute for real medical insurance; but let's face it, sometimes things happen. Here are some other options you can consider:

If this is simply a temporary situation, for example, you are between jobs, or just started a new business, then short term medical insurance will easily fill the void. This is real insurance, but is generally good only for periods up to one year, and not renewable. The premiums are reasonable and the applications are simple. The only downside is that pre-existing conditions will not be covered. Nevertheless, this is the best option and should be considered first.

But suppose things are worse; you just can't afford full coverage right now? You're next best solution is a limited benefit plan. These plans act like real insurance, but limit their payouts, and therefore, exposure by specific amounts. For example, the maximum benefit for a hernia may be $2,000.00, for a heart attack, $25,000.00, etc. Obviously, these plans do not offer true comprehensive, long term protection, but some benefits are better than none. Because they limit payouts, their premiums are much lower than a comprehensive plan, but they should only be used until you can afford a better plan.

What if you can't even afford the premium for a limited benefit plan? First of all, enroll in a network discount plan, so that if you do need medical attention, at least you won't pay full retail. There are many available, and a lot of web sites selling them; however, the truth is that the best ones are free. Just do a Google search. Second, if you are younger, consider an accident only plan. These plans don't cover illness, but for a younger person, accidents account for the majority of major medical expenses,... and the premiums are dirt cheap.

To get quotes and applications for all of these various options, visit our Quotes Page.