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Tips and Tools
For Businesses:

*Advantages of being Self Funded under the New Health Care Law...Read On

*Would a Partial Self Funded Plan be a Good fit for my Business? Here is a Checklist to use as a Guideline...Read On

*You have been approached by an agent who suggests you replace your group health insurance program with individual policies for each employee. The numbers look great, but should you do it?... Read On

*There has been a lot of talk about HSA's, those high deductible plans with a savings account, but for some businesses the seldom mentioned HRA is a much better option...Read On

For Individuals:

*It may not seem like a better health insurance plan, but a high deductible HSA will, in most cases, give you both better benefits and less out of pocket costs. Find out how...Read On

*Have you lost your medical insurance, or is medical insurance just too expensive for you right now? Here are some other options to give you temporary protection...Read On

*You have life insurance to the hilt, but there is another area generally ignored that puts you and your family at an even greater risk...Read On